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New collaboration expands educational opportunities in Pennsylvania

Penn State’s Commonwealth Campuses and the state’s community colleges have announced a new collaboration aimed at expanding educational opportunities in Pennsylvania and removing barriers to degree completion among college students. The collaboration builds upon long-standing relationships between the campuses and the community colleges and a shared commitment to access and affordability in higher education. 
Kali Smith and Jamal Renwrick

Student workers 'absolutely necessary to the functioning' of a campus library

Penn State students looking for meaningful work that incorporates their skills and future career goals — without leaving campus — may find that and more at Penn State University Libraries. This is the third in a series of student worker spotlights highlighting meaningful learning and working experiences at the University Libraries.
Sculpture of a man's head Abu by Miguel Horn

'Head' to Abington to view acclaimed artist's outdoor sculpture

Penn State Abington is the second home for Abu, an 8-foot sculpture that explores what it means to be human and to experience a family member who is ill or aging. It was torn apart by a freak storm when it was initially installed in the river at Penn's Landing in Philadelphia.
Aly Mullen and Jimmy Link outside of the Sutherland Building at Penn State Abington

Abington couple unites two Penn State families

Jimmy Link and Aly Mullen, who graduated from Penn State Abington in 2019, will join their Penn State families when they marry in June. Both of their parents and siblings all graduated from University Park, and, with two exceptions, they were all enrolled at Abington at some point during their Penn State careers.